Farming like any profession requires dedication, understanding, constant learning and application of new ideas and above all a desire to view it as a part of the greater ecosystem. Here is a case of a young farmer who has nurtured his farm with utmost care and sensitivity to the environment.

Brainchild of Professor Rajneesh Sharma and Satendra Yadav of Kurukshetra University
Prof Rajneesh K Sharma and Satendra K Yadav, Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, have invented a machine to obtain green manure from dead leaves.

Satish Shile, Bangalore, Dec 27, DHNS:

Farmers in the State practising organic farming have an all-paid trip to Cuba coming their way.

ALAPPUZHA: Chief Minister V.S.

Agricultural  application  of  Municipal  Solid  Waste  (MSW),  as  nutrient  source  for plants and as soil conditioner, is the most cost­effective option of MSW management because  of  its  advantages  over  traditional  means  such  as  landfilling  or  incineration.

Indronil Roychowdhury

Kolkata: Retail marketing in agriculture may still be out of bounds in West Bengal but try bio-fertiliser, bio-seeds and organic fertiliser for investment

A field experiment was conducted on rice seed production in rice-wheat cropping system to find out the effect of application of biofertilizers and urea on the grain yield and quality attributes of rice varieties at the research farm of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India during 2 wet seasons of 2006-08.

Agriculture sector contributes a major portion in gross production of India. In spite of this, agriculture today is finding itself in increasing difficulties. The adverse impact of agriculture based on synthetic fertilizers and herbicides is visible in the degradation of soil fertility, quality of food, taste of food and so on.

The Rajasthan Government is making arrangements for supply of an additional 45,000 tonnes of di-ammonium phosphate used as fertilizer for crops in view of a good monsoon this year.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A scheme to supply the bio manure produced from the city garbage to households has been launched by the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation. The programme was inaugurated by Ports Minister V Surendran Pillai at the Press Club here on Thursday.

Speaking at the function, the Minister lauded the unique venture.