Iran’s top nuclear negotiator said Wednesday that he would offer “new initiatives” at the coming talks with world powers on its disputed nuclear energy program, apparently trying to strike a postur

North Korea said on Tuesday that it had completed preparations to launch a satellite into orbit, as South Korea and other Asian nations told their airlines and ships to change their routes to avoid

For anyone interested in nuclear politics, Asia has been the focus from the beginning: since the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Everyone sat up and took notice of the power of the atom. Since then, there has been a mad scramble to harness it. And, almost always, countries have claimed that their nuclear programme was mainly for peaceful purposes.

The reason for the nuclear renaissance in Europe was the heavy dependence on Russian gas. But for Asia, power was not really the reason for going nuclear.

Talks On With Russia For 2nd N-Sub: Antony

The United States does not need to explode nuclear weapons in order to be sure its aging arsenal is still potent, and its ability to detect weapons tests by others is good, according to a report re

Subramaniam Paramarthalingam Udayakumar was 21 when he, along with a few friends, started the Group of Peaceful Indian Ocean to campaign against ships and submarines said to be ferrying nuclear wea

Heads of states and leaders from 57 nations, including India, will attend the Nuclear Security Summit on March 26-27 to discuss a host of measures to prevent nuclear fissile material falling into r

Iran’s nuclear work will defiantly go on, supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said today, after UN inspectors left Tehran following talks that failed to lift their suspicions of atomic weapons re

The Government has approved the formation of a national centre for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials (CBRN) to manage disasters involving these substances.

The United Nations chief urged Iran on Friday to implement Security Council resolutions under which Tehran should curb sensitive nuclear activity, but the Islamic state once again signalled it has