The present work aims to study the level of fluoride in bore well, open well, and in handpump water samples of different places of Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, and also to analyse other water quality parameters, like pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, acidity, alkalinity, total solids, chlorides, iron, sodium, potassium, fluorides and total hardness.

brain wave: A team of Swiss neuroscientists and computer engineers are trying to program a computer to create a brain. In collaboration with IBM, the scientists are building a computer model of

Participants failed to come up with workable solutions at a recent international conference on fluorosis

If you have a gaps in your teeth, just blame it on your genes. Researchers from the University of Texas and Baylor College of Medicine, USA, have found that missing teeth are linked with a mutation

Water harvesting and conservation methods can turn the tide against the disease

In a statement, members of the Indian Medical Association have urged the government to take immediate measures to control particulate emissions from diesel vehicles in the country. The Chaliyar

A Jaipur based doctor claims to have developed a technique to clean fluoride contaminated water

A Toronto-based group will launch a lawsuit on behalf of as many as 17 million Canadians who were not told about the mercury in their dental fillings. The suit seeks damages from the health ministry

The bacteria which infiltrate the pocket between the gums and the base of the teeth, making gums bleed, ultimately resulting in the falling of teeth may well be making hearts fail as well.

HERBAL REMEDY:A sore throat reliever, the first of a new range of herbal oral care products, has been launched by the Mumbai-based Kopran Pharmaceuticals. The company will also introduce a