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The government plans to strengthen the regulatory framework for the pesticides sector by setting up a Central Pesticides Board and making registration mandatory for all new products.

The Pesticides Act 1999 controls the use of pesticides in New South Wales. The Act aims to reduce the risks to human health, the environment, property, industry and trade from the use

The recommendations in this document address pending decisions and petitions currently before federal agencies responsible for regulating pesticides and promoting alternatives, and offer suggestions for immediate directional shifts needed to develop America

This Regulation is the Pesticides Amendment (Notification of Proposed Use) Regulation 2008.

In the EU, from September 2008 onwards, a new regulation comes

EPA sued over endosulfan, bans carbofuran in the last week of July, a coalition of civil society groups filed a lawsuit against the us Environmental Protection Agency (epa) seeking to stop the use of endosulfan. Endosulfan is an organochlorin, part of the same family of chemicals as ddt, which the epa banned in 1972. Crops commonly treated with endosulfan include cotton, tomatoes,

Use of pesticides in India has substantially increased in recent years. It is increasingly becoming an inevitable input in intensive agriculture systems, which have mainly been fuelled by changes in cropping pattern and practice. Survey results confirmed that there has been a widespread lack of awareness on pesticides and their appropriate handling among the applicators in India. Implementation of alternate pest management strategies to reduce pesticide consumption was found to be ineffective.

rethink pesticide policy: In a

as a part of a centrally-sponsored scheme non-recommended pesticides were being distributed to farmers in Rajasthan. Farmers were being forced to buy unnecessary pesticides as a part of the subsidy package under the National Horticulture Mission (nhm). These chemicals have not been approved for use in the crops that were being cultivated in the area. Pesticides like endosulfan,

on july 3,50 Filipino ngos demanded that endosulfan should be banned. This came after a passenger ship