Pigs could become the new source of organs and cells for humans, treating a range of disorders.

Pig raising is one of the main activities carried out by urban farmers in periurban areas of northern and southern Lima, due to a lack of water for irrigation in the desert climate. The RUAF FStT programme collaborated with the producer organisation
AGROSILVES to improve the productivity and profitability of its farmer members, by applying the production chain approach and strengthening their organisation.

On Tuesday in a ceremony in Rome, the United Nations is officially declaring that for only the second time in history, a disease has been wiped off the face of the earth.

Everyone has heard of smallpox. Very few have heard of the runner-up.


The emergence and rapid global spread of the swine-origin H1N1/09 pandemic influenza A virus in humans underscores the importance of swine populations as reservoirs for genetically diverse influenza viruses with the potential to infect humans. However, despite their significance for animal and human health, relatively little is known about the phylogeography of swine influenza viruses in the United States.

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Mon villagers warm up to pig-breeding-Data reveals that 25% of country

Industrial food animal production employs many of the same antibiotics or classes of antibiotics that are used in human medicine. These drugs can be administered to food animals in the form of free-choice medicated feeds (FCMF), where animals choose how much feed to consume.


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The Kohima Municipal Council wishes to make Kohima free of pigs and dogs as a massive drive for cleanliness and beautification of the town began today.

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