Aizawl : Detection of an exotic virus from among more than 3,800 pigs killed by swine fever in pig farms of Mizoram since March has led the Centre to summon state officials to New Delhi for an emer

Over 600 pigs have died from swine fever and about 12,200 have been infected in the past two months in Mizoram, officials said here on Wednesday.

“The endemic swine fever caused the death of as many as 470 pigs in Aizawl district alone while remaining 130 died in other districts. Over 12,200 pigs have been infected with the disease,” a Mizoram animal husbandry and veterinary department official told reporters. The northeastern state shares border with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Scientists from the laboratory which created Dolly the cloned sheep have now produced a disease-resistant piglet using a new technique which is simpler than cloning, paving way for genetically modified meat.

The piglet, called “Pig 26”, is the first animal to be created via “gene editing”. It was born four months ago at Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, where Dolly the cloned sheep was created in 1996.

Guwahati: The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in association with the Ministry of Food Processing and Industries, Government of India, is organizing the LIVESTOCK and POULTRY INDIA Summit in Guwahati on February 22 (Friday).

Pork , fish, eggs, meat and milk form part of the staple food of the people of the North East as such poultry farming and pig rearing also provide gainful employment. However, these are largely confined to backyard rearing and commercialization is yet to make a dent in the region.

A genetically modified cow whose milk lacks a substance that causes allergic reactions in people has been created by scientists in New Zealand.

In their first year of life, two or three in every hundred infants are allergic to a whey protein in milk called BLG. The researchers engineered the cow, called Daisy, to produce milk that doesn’t contain the protein. While the genetic alteration slashed levels of BLG protein in the cow’s milk to undetectable levels, it more than doubled the concentrations of other milk proteins called caseins.

The World Bank said on Monday it plans to buy carbon credits from pig farms in the Philippines, helping farmers generate extra income by setting up environment friendly waste treatment facilities.

New Delhi: Fearing an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis, the city’s health minister on Friday asked Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to immediately identify and allot 10-12 acres of land to the go

New Delhi Pulling up the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led Madhya Pradesh government over the alleged illegal clinical drug trials in the country, the Supreme Court on Monday expressed concern over the issue, saying it was ‘unfortunate’ that humans were being treated as ‘guinea pigs’.

Coming down heavily on the state government, a Bench headed by Justice R M Lodha noted that inadequate measures were taken to curb the problem. It pulled up the Centre and the Madhya Pradesh government for not filing their response on PILs alleging large-scale illegal drug trials in the state and other parts of the country.

Hearing on report submitted by Ombudsman for Devaswoms

A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court on Thursday directed the State government to address the court on the issue of initiating action to prevent pollution in and around Sabarimala. The Bench comprising Justice Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan and Justice K. Vinod Chandran issued the direction when a report submitted by the Ombudsman for Travancore and Cochin Devaswom Boards on pollution at Sabarimala came up for hearing.

THE introduction of recreational hunting in national parks is likely to jeopardise public safety and drive out other users, according to confidential documents that raise questions about the state