Trichinellosis is a wide spread food borne zoonosis caused by species of the genus Trichinella. Until present T. spiralis is the only species usually found in porcine, sinantropics and wild animals from Argentina. Nevertheless, Krivokapich et al. isolated a novel species (Trichinella T12) from a Puma concolor, T.

The objective of the study was to assess the effects of feeding Bt MON810 maize to pigs for 110 days on the intestinal microbiota.

Government Tells Assembly That Birds’ Numbers Dropped By 25%

Ahmedabad: Vulture population in Gujarat has dropped to a new low of 1,065 during the last five years. The count recorded in 2007 was 2,539 and ever since then, a sharp decline is seen. The count further dropped to 1,431 in 2008 and the May 2010 count showed that there are just 1,065 vultures in the state. The state government in a reply to a question posed by Karjan MLA Chandu Dabhi said that the vulture count in May 2010 was 1,065,

The technology for biodegradation of pig manure by using houseflies in a pilot plant capable of processing 500–700 kg of pig manure per week is described. A single adult cage loaded with 25,000 pupae produced 177.7±32.0 ml of eggs in a 15-day egg-collection period. With an inoculation ratio of 0.4–1.0 ml eggs/kg of manure, the amount of eggs produced by a single cage can suffice for the biodegradation of 178–444 kg of manure.

Investigations By Civic Agency, Blood Reports Reveal 17 Animals Had Been Infected

In a fresh survey, Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has found three more positive samples of Japanese Encephalitis antibodies in pigs.

With fear of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) looming large in the Capital, the Delhi Government has directed the civic body to immediately stop rearing of pigs in residential areas.

New Delhi: In what has sent alarm bells ringing in the administration, 20% of the blood samples taken from pigs across the city have tested positive for Japanese encephalitis, indicating that the d

Setting the alarm bells ringing for the MCD, 17 blood samples collected from pigs in the national capital by the civic body have tested positive for the Japanese Encephalitis virus.

MCD health committee chairman Dr V.K. Monga said the civic body has decided to send another 100 samples for testing.

The infected pigs that were responsible for the first-ever Japanese Encephalitis cases in the city, are untraceable and the Delhi government is yet to launch a dri-ve to collect blood samples of 50