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Poverty is a major national problem and the poverty stricken children need special social, economic and legal protection and support. These innocent children are exploited by the wicked social

Giving a boost to the cause of liberalisation advocates, a paper by the Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) has shown that decline in the incidence of poverty in the nineties was greater than that in

World Bank (WB)will provide $112.56 million credit to Chattisgarh's rural poverty project aimed at creating infrastructure and income opportunities for the rural poor, especially women and tribals.

Though poverty eradication is a major objective of the Tenth Five Year Plan, there is no one estimate of how many people in the country are actually below the poverty line. The Centre and the State

Society itself doesn’t care to know about headloading

The poverty ratio in rural areas dropped to nearly half between 1983 and 1999-2000. The proportion of the rural population living below poverty line, estimated at 45.65 per cent, has come down to

Rich countries need to more than double the $16 billion a year they have pledged to aid to help cut poverty around the world by 2015, and poor Asian countries and some African countries are most in

Tamil Nadu will soon reap the benefits of a World Bank sponsored poverty alleviation scheme, with an initial outlay of Rs 670 crores. The project, in the 'conception' stage now, is likely to commence

SC takes governments to task over tardiness in executing food based employment schemes following starvation deaths in Rajasthan

Islamic nations would soon launch a world wide initiative in assisting the youth from the weaker sections and the needy through education and training. The International Wakf Foundation, an offshoot