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The idea of defining poverty in terms of a poverty line was first introduced during the India Labour Conference in 1957. A working group under the Planning Commission then stipulated a poverty line

The price-nutrition dynamic plays out differentially in the developed and developing worlds. In the former, as a number of studies have noted, fast food constitutes a much greater proportion of the diet of the poor.

Homo sapien as an urban, undeveloped species >> From 1950 to 2000, the urban population of the world quadrupled

The Union budget 2007-08 will very likely slash development funds for the most backward regions of India by more than 48 per cent, say sources at the Union ministry of Panchayati Raj. Government is

Till some time back, India was the poster child of globalisation. A country which opened out to the world in the early 1990s and the world responded enthusiastically. The Indian economy grew. A

Economic Crisis

THE year 2006 will go down as environment's watershed year. This is not because this year we have had extraordinary success in environmental management; there was also no environmental disaster per se. This year must be remembered because the task of environmental management has come to be even more contested and even more challenged. Protests against environmental degradation have grown. But so have efforts to deny environmental concerns or to dilute regulations.