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Over 14 lakh persons in rural and urban Punjab are still living below the poverty line, the Minister of State for Planning, Mr S.B. Mookherjee, informed the Rajya Sabha. Quoting the National Sample

The quality of public service in Orissa is bad. The users are unhappy with the behaviour of doctors, paramedics and school teachers, as alos the quality and quantity of water and raions. This was

The problem of hunger, though more or less eradicated, could re-emerge in parts of the country unless the food economy is overhauled completed, KC Pant, Deputy Commission, said. He said the progress

The Cabinet committee on economic affairs (CCEA) raised the monthly quota of ration for the poorest of the poor under the Antodaya scheme to 35 kg per family. It also approved the Rs 535-crore

Believe it or not, India's tiniest state of Goa has just 4.4% of its population in poverty, going by official figures. Besides, a couple of expat oriented and commercially important regions

Experts have said survey results indicating a decline in poverty and unemployment between 1999-2000 and 2000-01 should be viewed with caution. They said differences in the designs of the 55th and

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi announced that the government would identify five poorest families in each village and uplift them from below poverty line and enhance their living standard.

Labour's pledge to eradicate child poverty received a blow yesterday when Whitehall figures showed the government in danger of missing a key target of lifting more than a million children above the

The desperation is evident. With two years remaining and some 78 per cent of the targeted 7,000 villages yet to be covered, the World Bank supported District Poverty Initiatives Project (DPIP) in

The European Union's much-trumpeted Everything But Arms (EBA) policy, which provides duty-free access for imports from the world's poorest nations, has failed to so far to benefit the countries it is