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Abandoning the earlier formula of declaring the families with annual income less than Rs 20,000 as the ones living below the poverty line in the rural areas, the Union Government has adopted new

The demands made by a number of tribal organisations in Karnataka for improvement of their economic and social conditions need to be given sympathetic consideration. In a memorandum submitted to the

The 2001 Census of India has revealed that as many as 30.2 per cent of the households in Assam possess transistors, 18.3 per cent have television sets, 4.3 per cent have telephone connections.

It is not possible for the Bengal government to follow the new Central guidelines on preparing the Below Poverty Line(BPL) list in its present form, the state panchayat and rural development minister

Strengthening poor people's land rights and easing barriers to land transactions can set in motion a wide range of social and economic benefits including improved governance, empowerment of women and

As per the poverty estimates worked out by a expert group constituted by the Planning Commission under the Chairmanship of Prof D T Lakadawala, the poverty ratio in NE region during 1993-94 was 45.01

The official survey to identify the poor, better known as persons living below the poverty line (BPL), is on. While the authorities have covered 372 out of the total 406 villages so far, the process

Union labour minister, Sahib Singh Verma, has done his bit to reduce poverty in India. He wants the International Labour Organisation to float an international skill development fund so that the

Unable to feed themselves or their children, a poverty-stricken tribal couple sold their two-month-old daughter for Rs 2,000. Gugloth Nanu, a mother of five daughters, sold her fifth child to a

The poor of Delhi lack basic civic amenities because the rich are getting them at subsidised rates, is what the experts have concluded in a two-day seminar on