This explanatory note by the National Advisory Council (NAC) chaired by Sonia Gandhi highlights the rationale and major considerations that form basis of the NAC proposals on food security.

The countrywide share of corporate retail in food distribution tripled in the past four years when retail food prices showed the greatest increase.

THE dramatic increase in food inflation over the past two years has been associated with several surprises. One major surprise has been how the top economic policymakers in the country have responded to it.

India’s Global Hunger Index indicates large-scale poverty and hunger and our failure to meet the challenge despite positive legislative provisions like NREGA and remarkable policy initiatives like ICDS, Mid-day Meal, Public Distribution System and National Social Assistance Programmes.

 This framework note on the draft food security bill released by Sonia Gandhi headed National Advisory Council attempts to build a strong system of grievance redressal for all food-related schemes, to ensure that food entitlements are realised.

In this comprehensive review of India's social welfare & anti-poverty initiatives, the World Bank says that the spending to eradicate poverty had not reached their full potential & recommends replacing PDS with a system of direct cash transfer.

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The report on performance audit of ten food security and poverty alleviation schemes in Orissa and Uttar Pradesh (UP) conducted by Centre for Environment and Food Security (CEFS). This audit was conducted during July- October 2010 in 130 villages spread over 12 districts of Orissa and UP (Bundelkhand).

This is a report of the expert committee on national food security bill chaired by Dr C Rangarajan. It has recommended sharply diluted implementation of the food security bill proposed by the National Advisory Council (NAC), headed by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

The structural composition of State economy has undergone significant changes since the formation of Haryana State. Agriculture Sector still continues to occupy a significant position in State economy, although the share of this sector in the GSDP is continuously declining.

An Act to provide, in the interest of the general public, for the control of the production, supply and distribution of, and trade and commerce, in certain commodities.