After a year of droughts and famines, South Asia is bracing itself for La Nina, the other half of El Nine weather phenomenon which had wreaked havoc all over the world last year. Malaysia has already

El Nino's little sister La Nina is all set to bring rain in abundance to Australia, Indonesia and some other parts of Asia

Mountain slopes in a seismically active zone, weakened by human interference, collapse following rainfall to claim more than 300 lives in the Himalaya

Landslides are not new to the Himalaya

Torrential rains have triggered massive floods in Bangladesh leaving 92 dead and thousands homeless. Over six million people and livestocks have been seriously affected. Reports say that the rising

Kenya produces nearly 1.5 per cent of the world's coffee. However,

The incessant rains that walloped most of east and central Africa for most of the past five months have given way to soothing blue skies. Yet, the effects of the relentless precipitation, caused by

Rejuvenation of the Ruparel river in Rajasthan has brought about a wave of prosperity in the region. The gains are manifold

The forest fires in Indonesia that have been raging for more than two months are spreading further in the provinces of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of the Borneo island) and

Torrential rains have caused destruction in many cities in Pakistan's central Punjab province, claiming 61 lives and rendering nearly 15,000 homeless. Nearly 1,000 houses have collapsed and about