There is a need to learn from the rainwater harvesting drive that has been carried out in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat

Report card: The government realised its failures and learned from the civil society. Despite cases of corruption and some errors in planning, the government programme is an achievement
Success level: Good

Report card: A scheme that can help solve the water crisis has become a tool to promote political interests of the ruling party
Success level: Poor

GOOD NEWS: There is more evidence to show that water harvesting can go a long way in dealing with drought and solving the water crisis, and even governments in India are learning
BAD NEWS: Crash programmes are not the answers by themsel

S Vishwanath, a Bangalore based engineer and planner, started the Rainwater Club to help people manage rainwater efficiently. He spoke to Binayak Das about his work and the viability of rainwater harvesting

raging forest fires have consumed more than four hundered thousands hectares of natural forest in the us in areas ranging from Arizona to the Canadian border. Over 70 large fires which are

It is time people established their relationship with water once again

At least 50 people were killed and hundreds were rendered homeless in Bhutan due to flash floods and mudslides caused by fierce rains. Lynpo Khandu Wangchuk, the minister for trade, said that

at least 90 people were killed in a landslide that crushed an entire slum in Mumbai. The Azad Nagar slum in Ghatkopar was located at the foot of a hillock, which collapsed due to heavy

With 23 million Kenyans facing shortage of food due to failure of seasonal rains, President Daniel arap Moi has appealed for food aid from the us and the European Union. The President made