The Japanese capital Tokyo receives 1,400 mm of rain in a year. But concrete prevents it from percolating into the ground. Urban flooding and acute water scarcity affected the people almost every

Water is bound to dominate the agenda of the country s politicians and planners in the future Though ignored for years by the political leadership and mismanaged by a myopic bureaucracy, there is still hope.

Three countries in Southeast Asia -- Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines-- have made efforts to provide drinking water by capturing rain. In Thailand, the absence of foreign assistance for

The death of traditional water harvesting structures prepare Kalahandi for its worst ever drought

Simple, yet effective, rainwater harvesting structures provided succour in the face of drought

A village that has kept its date with history

What led to the decline of tanks

The government and people of Madhya Pradesh have joined hands in their fight against drought through various jan sahyog programmes

the book is truly an international effort, both in terms of contributors as well as the content. With articles autho

Following the monsoon failure of 1999 2000, two states Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh launched crash programmes to encourage water harvesting. An appreciable shift, because governments in India have always gone in for high cost, high technology solutions