The prolonged dry spell and the history of forest fires were clear warnings that went unheeded. And thousands of hectares of forests were charred in the hills of Uttarakhand

Li-Yuxing has been looking at the skies in despair. He is one of the many farmers of northeast China's Shandong and Henan provinces that produce about half of China's winter wheat. At the time when

swiss researchers have stated that

A major rice variety in Bangladesh is being threatened by drought. "Our hopes for a quick

Unless drastic steps are taken, West Asian countries will soon face severe water crisis

Mexico City uses technology to make its own wind and rain. But the sceptics are not impressed

Torrential rains killed at least 15 people and displaced more than 100,000 families in the low-lying areas in four provinces in the southern Mindanao island of the Philippines. According to the

Rising water levels in dams in the northern parts of South Africa have sparked fears of floods after heavy rainfall in the area. With the weather bureau forecasting further rains during the rest of

Catch rain where it falls. No one knew it better than the people living in Mandu, a hill fort town in Madhya Pradesh, 1,400 years ago

THE residents of Melbourne have been urged to use water sparingly. Restrictions were imposed due to depletion of local water supplies. Geelong residents, who have been enduring similar