Or the forecasting system?

Good for a change A common pollutant strongly impacts the behaviour of arsenic and possibly other toxic metals in some lakes, shows a research conducted by us-based Massachusetts

It s a voyage of discovery as biologists travel to the unexplored stretches of the rainforest canopy, learning more about this green ocean

Concerted efforts have been launched to promote traditional water harvesting systems in the desert area of Kutch in Gujarat. Abdasa Development Forum, Saurashtra Trust, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sanga-than,

The natives of Banni in Gujarat have developed a unique rainwater From highly technique from highly saline ground water

Scientists are exploiting the pitter-patter of rain to measure rainfall over oceans, till now an impossible task. Under a US Navy-sponsored research project, scientists are using underwater

Annual rainfall is declining in some parts of the country and increasing in others. While the overall effect may be negligible, such trends could result in significant changes locally.