Employment in German alternative energy generation grows with the

Us wind power project is held up by advocates of scenic beauty

But they should not detract from conserving biodiversity in all its dimensions

American purse is no good for Indian agriculture

In this day of television grabs, policies are about slugfests. The logic of the grab is that any discussion must be heated, with sharply divided positions clear proponents and opponents. It is a

US Senate s energy bill

In a remarkable move, China passed a Renewable Energy Promotion Law on February 28, 2005, setting targets for developing renewable energy sources. China is the world's second largest emitter of

The potential of non-conventional resources may be limited, but the Rajasthan government is keen to tap all avenues at the earliest. It has come up with a policy document for promoting generation of electricity through non-conventional sources. In the past, three such policy frameworks had been issued, but not much in the form of generation could be achieved.

Off grid systems are immune to high losses. It can cater to a whole range of rural consumers

India's economic growth is mainly based on energy from fossil fuels like coal and therefore
has considerable potential in reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well in CDM
participation. CDM projects starting after January 1, 2000, are eligible to earn certified emission reductions (CERs). However the modalities and procedures of the CDM may be too complex to exploit its full benefit. This guidebook will provide a roadmap to the project developers and investors for realizing the full benefit of CDM within the allotted time frame.