Several bird species derive aerodynamic advantage from their long tails.

In an effort to improve the quality of technology coming into the country, the Indian government has decided to remove the low ceiling on royalty payments.

Scientists studying the evolution of the highest Himalayan peaks will soon announce the exact elevation of Mt Everest at present.

Scientists are relying on the emperor penguins to find out the state of sea resources in the inhospitable Antarctic region.

Computers are poised to make it possible for people to speak to each other in their own languages.

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS is more frequent among children in the West than in Asia. Researchers say a difference in child care practices may be the cause.

The manner in which marijuana and heroin affect the brain can provide useful clues to developing more effective painkillers.

Through the centuries, human beings have tried to establish their dominance over animals, killing them for both food and sport. Even today, animals continue to be exploited in the name of scientific research.

New evidence has emerged for the existence of dark matter -- an invisible constituent of the universe that is believed to play a key role in the formation of galaxies.

Animals were tried and punished just like human beings in medieval Europe.