The failure of the Big Bang theory to explain the early history of the universe resulted in the development of the inflationary theory, but this one has important implications for the search for dark matter.

The department of science and technology has initiated public debate on ways to stimulate the country's stagnating research and development activity.

• Accessibility of technology to all segments of society, upgrading of traditional skills. • Waste prevention, lower raw material consumption, preventive pollution control. •

Long bus journeys usually result in an aching back and queasy stomachs for passengers. But sitting in the front only worsens their discomfort.

Scientists and industrialists are trying to give final shape to a body that will select and fund projects.

Engineers are trying to develop a mechanical hand that can handle objects with human sensitivity and prove to be a boon to scientists and doctors.

The 80th session of the Indian Science Congress ended in the first week of January in Goa without adding to anyone's knowledge or wisdom. The importance of the theme of the conference -- Science and

KAREN Perremans and her colleagues at the Zoological Institute at Leuven in Belgium have discovered that birds have unique "featherprints," which may make it possible to identify bird species by

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton wants American research to adopt the Japanese stress on industrial applications. But his call may have come too late as Japanese scientists are switching their thrust to basic

The setting up of a national research body and reviving the cabinet committee on science and technology are among the steps the government is considering to promote a scientific temper in the country.