Wax coating from their nest helps wasps recognise siblings.

Agrin, a protein released by nerve cells, helps in triggering off the formation of a machinery through which neurons communicate.

THE CAMPAIGN by astronomers to stop artificial light in cities from affecting stellar views, which prevents them studying stars, is gaining a wider audience. Relentless light from surrounding cities

As per capita private consumption declines in the country, the number of its poor is increasing.

CHINESE science is going the market way. A new policy recommends the withdrawal of state funding for twothirds of the country's research scientists. But scientists protest their work has vital

Plants normally have only bisexual flowers. Some species, however, also produce male flowers to make the dispersal of pollen more efficient.

SCIENTISTS have enhanced the nutritional value of the potato by inserting a synthetic gene into the plant and are now considering how to use genetic engineering to provide the plant with

The controversial Human Genome Project -- a collaborative effort to decode and understand the human genetic code in chromosomes -- is already showing results and is likely to be completed ahead of

Technological advances allow biologists to sit in their labs and monitor animal movements.

Spacecraft Ulysses passed the largest planet in the solar system and picked up a rich haul of information before heading for the sun on its primary mission.