LIFE IMITATES art more than art imitates life, said Oscar Wilde. His statement was borne out recently when US scientists re-enacted in their laboratory the plot of Steven Spielberg's latest film,

WHY DOES popcorn pop and not ordinary corn? Because popcorn has a thicker hull and contains starch with superior puffing quality, say Brazilian scientists who compared four varieties of corn and

Two projects are under way to detect an elusive phenomenon that are thought to be produced by violent events in outer space

Bumble bees infected with the larvae of parasitic flies stay the night out in the cold to hinder the development of the eggs

When did life on earth begin? The question continues to stoke the curiosity of scientists, stimulating the search for fossils that provide the only source of direct evidence of when a particular

A technique developed to fight tumours in rats may one day be used to treat humans

Computers and satellites will soon be used by transport authorities in USA and Europe to provide commuters a reprieve from traffic congestion

Plants grow taller and faster if sprayed with a solution of methanol, claims an American farmer

EVER SINCE man realised that sex is not limited to procreation, he has experimented with various concoctions to increase his libido. For scientists, however, aphrodisiacs such as ginseng and the

Biologists have found that some fish evolved into warm blooded creatures because their adventurous ancestors were exposed to large temperature variations.