Research shows that a warmer earth may not melt polar ice and cause sea levels to rise, as has been feared so far.

BEANS are one of the few crops grown for beauty as well as nutrition. Archaeologists in South America have excavated beautiful, multicoloured bean seeds buried with Indians 10,000 years ago. Analysis

THE DISCOVERY that bird brains call appreciate the finer nuances of music has a learn of scientists harmonising at Rockefeller University in New York. The scientists, led 13, Claudio Mello, have

Environment ministry guidelines state that many of the adverse impacts of thermal plants can be foreseen and minimised through judicious siting, preventive and control

Biotechnology, which holds the answers to many persistent problems such as controlling disease and increasing food production, has tremendous potential in cash strapped India. But to succeed, it needs a helping hand from industry.

Most birds are adulterous, find bird watchers, and contrary to earlier beliefs, it is the females who have a roving eye

A VULTURE is really a stork and albatrosses belong to the same super-family as the flightless penguins. This is what US ornithologists, Charles Sibley, Jon Ahlquist and Burt Monroe have concluded

Clarizyme is a new biodegradedable enzyme produced by the Central Leather Research Institute in Madras as a replacement for substances used in tanneries

Chromosome III in yeast, the first to have its DNA fully described, opened up a wealth of new genes whose functions are completely unknown

RECENT studies by four independent teams of astronomers indicate that planetary systems resembling the young solar system may exist in nearby parts of the galaxy. Three of these studies,