The Rs 10,000-crore project requires diversion of 5,258 hectares of forest land, including 4,141 hectares of Panna Tiger Reserve.

Rajasthan MP from Kota Om Birla has demanded the interlinking of rivers in eastern Rajasthan as one of the measures to deal with the severe water crisis in the desert state.

The Damanganga-Pinjal link project entails diversion of surplus water of Damanganga basin to Pinjal reservoir in Vaitarna.

Acknowledging that several States were badly hit by drought, the Central Government on Wednesday said that interlinking rivers was the only solution to the problem.

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BHOPAL: A six-member National Board of Wildlife (NBWL) panel will this week recommend the way forward for the proposed interlinking of Ken and Betwa rivers in Madhya Pradesh, a project wildlife exp

Over-exploitation of ground water has depleted its level in the state and efforts are on to conserve the resource, Jharkhand Assembly was informed on Thursday.

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Question raised in Lok Sabha on New Underground Water Resources, 25/02/2016. During XII Plan period Central Ground Water Board is implementing the Central Sector Scheme ‘Ground Water Management & Regulation’ in which aquifer mapping is a component. The aim of the Aquifer Mapping is to delineate aquifer disposition on a scale of 1:50000 in 3D and their characterization along with quantification for preparation of aquifer/ area specific ground water management plans. It is proposed to cover an area of 8.89 lakh

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Inter-Linking of Rivers, 25/02/2016. This Ministry has formulated a National Perspective Plan (NPP) for Water Resources Development envisaging inter-basin transfer of water from surplus basins to deficit basins/ areas. Based on surveys, investigations and detailed studies, National Water Development Agency (NWDA) has prepared pre-feasibility reports which facilitated identification of 30 links under the NPP. The status of river links identified under NPP are given in Annexure-I.