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This is truly India's shame. Why did 87-year-old GD Agarwal die after he spent years fighting to save the Ganga? The veteran activist was fasting for 111 days, demanding that the government get serious about cleaning up the Ganga. His death shows that despite all the big promises and the big slogans, the effort to clean up the river has been a hollow promise.

On Prime Time, Ravish Kumar asks whether the government has done anything at all to revive River Ganga till now. Even though the PM Modi had spoken about the neglect that the river had been suffering all these years before the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, has the current NDA government been able accomplish their goals of cleaning up the river? Professor GD Agarwal recently breathed his last after nearly 3 months of fasting in protest demanding an action plan to clean River Ganga. How many more such environmentalists are to lose their lives in their fight to save the national river?

Ganga, the 2600-km-long trans-boundary river of India, has witnessed "unprecedented low levels of water in several lower reaches" in the last few summer seasons. This is as per a study undertaken by a professor of IIT-Kharagpur.

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The cremation ghats in the Pashupatinath temple complex, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tashichhodzong, on the banks of the Wangchu (Thimphu River). Houses the National Assembly

This CAG performance audit on hydropower development in Uttarakhand through private participation – expresses concern over the total neglect of environmental concerns and warns that cumulative impact of the hydel power projects may prove devastating for state.

At Right to be Heard Townhall show, Environmental minister Jayathi Natarajan said emergency action needs to be taken to clean up the Yamuna flowing near Delhi.