Damaged crops and helpless farmers. This is a common scene in the region every harvest season. Not only the elephants destroy hundreds of acres of standing paddy crops, but also cause widespread damage to houses in the locality.

Sambalpur, Climate change is finally taking a toll on farmers, particularly the marginal ones, whose vegetable crops have been badly affected by the delayed onset of winter. Although winter sets in around Durga Puja every year, this year even after the end of Kartik Purnima, there is no sign of cold and chill.

with the Orissa government going full steam with its industrialization drive, business houses are flexing their muscles

Wanton usage of forest land in the name of development has destroyed efforts towards community-led measures for protection and conservation in Orissa. The laxity in framing adequate environmental laws and the flouting of even the existing laws have had disastrous effects on the livelihoods of forestdwelling people in the state.

BHUBANESWAR: At least four persons were killed after inhaling poisonous gas that emanated from a steel plant in Orissa

with the first spell of monsoon in mid-June people in Bargarh, Nuapada, Kalahandi and Sambalpur districts in Orissa experienced something they had never seen before: a grayish layer on leaves, vehicles and elsewhere.

When Bijaya Chandra Panda wanted to cut down a few trees on his 8 hectare (ha) plot he thought he was well within his rights to do so. Little did he realize that it would take him 300

The present study on socio-economic and socio-ecological aspects of Sambalpur Forest Division of Orissa reveals that forests play an important role in the economy of the State in terms of contribution to state revenue, State Domestic Product as well as dependence of people for livelihood. The people living adjacent to the reserved forests of Sambalpur Forest Division (pre-reorganised) are heavily dependent on these forests. Although the nominal forest cover of the state continues to remain unchanged one notices a gradual decline in the effective forest cover of the state. Feb 2008

Western Orissa is witnessing an upheaval. In the eye of the storm is the Hirakud dam. Over 300,000 farmers dependent on its water for irrigation are indignant that industries springing up around the dam are sucking away the water they had been waiting for

A canal, which ordinarily takes about 10 days for the irrigation department to clean, was cleaned in two days