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Congestion charges should be considered to help the Scottish government reach its climate change targets, a report has concluded.

Zero Waste Scotland has published a new guide to help event organisers deliver environmentally sustainable events.

Wave energy in Scotland will be boosted by £14.3m in funding over the next 13 months, thanks to new funding from the Scottish Government

Scottish Water has been fined after it accidentally polluted a river, killing nearly 5,000 fish.

Campaigners in Scotland believe a series of imminent decisions could force the SNP government to come off the fence on fracking.

Scotland's streets continue to break European air quality standards as the country wrestles with an invisible "public health crisis" costing thousands of lives and billions of pounds.

Scotland’s electricity system could be powered almost entirely by renewables by 2030 and without the need for any gas, coal or nuclear power stations in Scotland, according to a new report published by WWF Scotland.

Since October sightseers on the hills above Edinburgh have gawped at a brand new landmark. Across the Firth of Forth, on a test site, stands the biggest wind turbine in Britain.