The average horn length and body mass of the bighorn sheep population in Alberta, Canada, saw almost one fourth reduction in the last 30 years. This damaged the health and viability of these animals, leaving them vulnerable to predators.

The Khangchendzonga National Park is a part of the eastern Himalaya global biodiversity hotspot and is located in the Sikkim state of India. Increasing livestock populations coupled with the government policy to ban grazing and its selective implementation resulted in conflict. Hence we undertook this multidisciplinary study involving consultations with traditional resource users, field surveys, and remote sensing.

The Khangchendzonga National Park, located in Sikkim is a part of the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot. Traditional sheep herding practices in the park based on village consultations and field surveys to understand the population trend, migration pattern, fodder preferences, incomes and benefit sharing, ecological impacts and risk mitigation techniques were analysed.

Tired of watching glamorous models catwalk down the ramp with some of the hottest couture looks? How about a beauty pageant featuring locally bred sheep? The Saudi Arabian town of Nejdi held a beauty contest on October 30 in which sheep walked down the ramp and breeders sat in armchairs around a tiny red- carpeted runway in a lit-up stretch of the desert, north of Riyadh. As rams and

Sheep rearing is an important livelihood for small and marginal farmers especially in areas which are drought prone and lack irrigation facilities.

Tamil Nadu is home to about eight recognised breeds of sheep and most of them are raised for meat production.

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Livestock sector plays a significant role in the rural economy of India. It contributes about 5 per cent of the total gross domestic product (GDP) and one-fourth of the agricultural GDP. The sector is unique in terms of employment opportunities as two-thirds of female workforce in rural India is engaged in livestock rearing.

Overgrazing accelerates soil and vegetation degradation in rangelands. So, Livestock Population Density-i.e. allocated number of sheep per ha can serve as an index for measuring pressure on range environment. For this purpose, Sadra region has been selected as the study area, where it is located in the upper reaches of Maharlu basin, Fars Province, Southern Iran.

UDHAMPUR : Sheep Husbandry Department has recorded over 4 lakh kg mutton production in district Udhampur during first quarter of the current fiscal. To provide treatment to sheep and goat population and prevent spread of contagious and non-contagious diseases, the department has dosed over 68,000 sheep population, vaccinated 18,400 and extended dipping facility to over 30,000 besides castrating 3300 sheeps and goats.

As wildlife 'activists' clash over ideology in the sad conservation politics of the country, far away in the cold desert of Ladakh, a village has decided to give away its premium grazing lands to save the endangered and magnificent Argali wild sheep, currently under grave threat because of rapid habitat loss.