JAMMU, Sep 17: Secretary, Animal and Sheep Husbandry, Mohd Ashraf Bukhari, reviewed the working and achievements of Animal and Sheep Husbandry Department in Poonch, Rajouri and Doda districts durin

Jaisalmer: Altogether 85 sheep and goats died on Sunday after drinking water from a tanka (small pond) at a hamlet near Sultana village in Jaisalmer district.

The Bangalore-based Project Directorate on Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (PDADMAS) has developed a Web-based interactive software to predict livestock diseases two months in advance in

An understanding of the factors controlling plant community composition will allow improved prediction of the responses of plant communities to natural and anthropogenic environmental change. Using monitoring data from 1980 to 2009, we quantified the changes in community composition in Leymus chinensis and Stipa grandis dominated grasslands in Inner Mongolia under long-term grazing-exclusion and free-grazing conditions, respectively.

The State government has sanctioned a total of Rs. 1,157 crore for free distribution of milch cows, goats and sheep to the rural poor.

Of the total amount, the scheme for free distribution of milch cows accounts for Rs. 232 crore and for goats and sheep Rs. 925 crore. All these amounts are to be spent over the next five years.

For more than 100 years, tree rings have served as a reliable way to estimate past climate conditions because in warmer years, which usually mean better growing conditions, tree rings tend to be wi

Peste des petits ruminants is an endemic disease of sheep and goats in Nigeria and vaccination has been the method of control but sporadic outbreaks have been reported. This study was carried out to characterize PPR viruses from outbreaks in 2007 and 2009 from Kaduna and Plateau States.

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NEW DIETS for cows and sheep could reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, research funded by the department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra) in United Kingdom shows.

Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke) is a physically and economically devastating parasitic trematode whose rise in recent years has been attributed to climate change. Climate has an impact on the free-living stages of the parasite and its intermediate host Lymnaea truncatula, with the interactions between rainfall and temperature having the greatest influence on transmission efficacy.

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Vapi: Goat plague has killed at least 400 goats and sheep in Vapi in the past 10 days.