London: Dolly, the sheep, became a scientific sensation when her birth was announced in 1996.

Now, 14 years on, the scientist, who cloned Dolly, has claimed to have created four more sheep who are the exact genetic duplicates of Dolly, the world's first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell.
The quads, which have been nicknamed

Chronic exposure of fluoridated groundwater causes a health problem not only to human beings, but also in domestic animals in the form of fluorosis.

Nearly two dozen people are missing while thousands of sheep, goat and other livestock have perished in unprecedented snowfall which caught lakhs of Gujjars and Bakerwals unawares on the north western Himalayas, which divide Jammu region from Kashmir valley.

Siddayya Hiremath, Gadag, Apr 11, DHNS:

Sheep penning is a time-tested practice in dry land farming, with flocks of sheep being herded in farms to enrich soil with the sheep droppings and urine.

Analysis showing lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with intensive livestock production could pose a challenge to our views on best farming practice?.

Sheep are the gift to dryland farmers by nature which can yield returns within 1.5 years of investment, says Veerakempanna. Veerakempanna of Anoor village in Chikkabalapur district, like any other dryland farmer in Karnataka, unable to meet the ends with dryland farming alone, was
supplementing his income by rearing some local breeds of sheep.

The State Government is going to exchange male sheep of Kumaon and Garhwal regions in order to promote outbreeding among the said species in view of their declining strength and poor production of wool per sheep over the years.

Animal welfare concept is an amalgamaton of primarily three welfare concept involving physical, mental and natural state of animals.

This study makes an attempt to examine analytically to prove how tank rehabilitation is useful for both direct (farmers) and indirect (landless, poor, women and other vulnerable group) tank users. The tank systems have provided insulation from dependence on rains to the people living in the fragile rainfed areas.

All the dead sheep would be buried at a common place in the village after conducting autopsy }
A HERD of over 170 sheep died after allegedly drinking polluted water stagnated on the roadside near a company at Ganesapuram here on Monday.