THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Joint research by scientists from Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) here and the US-based Emory Vaccine Center have identified a crucial component from skin mucus of

BANGLADESHI doctors yesterday conducted surgery to remove bark-like growths from the skin of a young girl believed to be the first female to suffer from a condition known as “tree man syndrome.”

They are cheap and bright, but are very often dangerous. Many Chinese-made firecrackers use the highly unstable chemical potassium chlorate — which is the main reason they are banned in India.

Environment pollution has become a major cause of worry in the cities and towns of Assam and a recent study revealed that a large number of people are suffering from various diseases including skin

Thousands living in Canadian indigenous communities have had no access to potable water, some for decades, and Human Rights Watch on Tuesday pressed Ottawa to finally deal with this "water crisis."

A research team at Duke University has discovered a potential new class of small-molecule drugs that simultaneously block two sought-after targets in the treatment of pain.

High fluoride, nitrate content found in samples tested by Health and Family Welfare Department

Coimbatore: Fishermen in the Ukkadam Big Tank were in for a shock when they found the fish turning green due to the algae bloom in the lake.

Japanese scientists said Saturday they have bioengineered the skin organ known as the integumentary system in mice using induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.

Dark spots on skin is one of the signs that tell a person is ageing. As you age, the spots start increasing in number especially after crossing 50.