BHOPAL: Rapid urbanization and change in lifestyle are leading to a rise in cases of itchy, flaky rashes on kids' skin, experts said.

Dr Susanta K Pandhy, assistant professor of psychiatry, PGI, was the chief guest at the seminar on Earth Day organised by the meteorological department.

Dumka: The apathy of the district administration in ensuring the proper disposal of waste in the industrial town of Babupur near Dumka has put the lives of its residents at risk.

Around 90 per cent children and labourers working in brick factories in Bhaktapur district are found suffering from skin disease and respiratory related problems, said doctors.

With Holi just around the corner, doctors have begun warning people against chemical-laden colours available in the market.

Udaipur: Despite restrictions on growing BT Cotton (Bacillus thuringiensis) in the state, mass cultivation of the crop has been reported at various tribaldominant tehsils in Udaipur adjoining Gujar

Jaipur: A recently released medical check up report of 60 lakh school children in the state showed that there are 45,453 kids suffering from dental problems and over 60,000 school children found suffering from different kinds of skin disorders.

Less attention on hygiene is one of the major causes of health-related issues among government school children.

The slum area, known as Bhagat Singh Colony, adjacent to the sixth lane of Dwarakanagar, is considered both a boon and a bane.

“Boon in the sense, a robber can never get away from here if at all he enters the colony. The slum-dwellers keep a close watch on the houses and they are awake till late in the night. We also enjoy their services in the form of domestic help and dhobi without any irregularities,” says Akella Venkata Purushotham, one of the old residents of the colony.

Disposal of factory waste and chemicals are polluting waters of Haridoa and old Brahmaputra river in the district posing serious threat to public health and environment as well.

Social activists and residents of the villages of two talukas of Johi and Dadu held a march on Monday in Dadu town in protest against pollution caused by work on a gas field located in taluka Johi.