The World Health Organisation said Monday it was ‘concerned’ about an outbreak of a mysterious skin disease in central Vietnam which has killed 19 people, mostly children.

The recent reports on arsenic contamination throughout the country are alarming.

Skin cancer is on the rise among young adults, according to a US study published Monday that suggests indoor tanning beds and childhood sunburns may be to blame.

Farmers and the food industry are asking the Obama administration to ease coming federal guidance that will advise consumers to minimize their intake of dioxins, chemicals that may be harmful at ce

Agartala: Garbage collections in Agartala Municipal Council (AMC) area remained halted for the eighth consecutive day on Tuesday following blockade by the residents around the existing dumping grou

Thailand's hundreds of thousands of flood victims are at risk of water-borne diseases and infections, the World Health Organisation said Saturday, though no major outbreaks have been reported yet.

The sacred sindoor (vermilion), a symbol of married Hindu women and also liberally used at Hindu shrines, will have to comply with safety standards.

About 90 per cent of people in Dodo Panhwar village in the vicinity of evaporation ponds of the BHP-Zamzama gas plant, 15 kilometres from here, suffer from skin, eye and abdominal diseases apparent

A huge hole that appeared in the Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic in 2011 was the largest recorded in the Northern Hemisphere, triggering worries the event could occur again and be e

Mutation ofthe tyrosinase gene (TYR) causes oculocutaneous albinism,type 1 (OCA1), a condition characterized by reduced skin and eye melanin pigmentation and by vision loss. The retinal pigment epithelium influences postnatal visual development. Therefore, increasing ocular pigmentation in patients with OCA1 might enhance visual function. There are 2 forms of OCA1, OCA-1A and OCA-1B. Individuals with the former lack functional tyrosinase and therefore lack melanin, while individuals with the latter produce some melanin.