In Pakistan about half of the population is likely to have active symptoms allergy till 2015, this was the crux of the media briefing conducted by Dr Zulkifar Awan, Head of ENT department at Federa

The people in North Central Province have been afflicted with a skin dicease due to being stung by the sandfly.

Inhaling air in the city can now cause cancer.

With the death of two more children due to chicken pox with dysentery today, the toll rose to five at Barsuna and nearby areas in Sundargarh district during the past ten days, official sources said.
Earlier three deaths, mostly of children below three years of age, were reported from the areas.
All deaths were caused due to chicken pox with dysentery.
A medical team, camping in the area, has in

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Research conducted by experts connected with the Kerala Medical Journal, a scientific publication of the Indian Medical Association State branch, has shown that the prevalence of contagious and non-contagious skin diseases is alarmingly high in urban schools in Kerala.

An editorial on the topic, written by V.

The ozone layer that shields life from the sun's harmful rays is projected to recover from harmful chemicals by mid-century, but it will take longer over the polar regions, a United Nations study said on Thursday.

Ozone depletion -- blamed for higher ultraviolet radiation that causes skin cancers and cataracts and damages agriculture

-- will continue for decades as several key damaging subst

JORHAT, June 3: An unusually high content of iron in the groundwater of the Northeastern states has posed a serious threat to the people living in this part of the country. It is found that, almost all the states of the region contain iron above the permissible level in drinking water.

Though Doon valley was once famous for its green and clean environment, the combination of environmental degradation and natural factors has created a situation wherein the quantity of dust and suspended particles of harmful chemicals in the air has reached a level that is up to four times more than the healthy limit.

Shoumojit Banerjee

Ara (Bhojpur): Fears of cameras haunt the Brahmin-dominated village of Simaria-Ojhapatti in Bhojpur district, the hub of arsenic-infested drinking water in Bihar.

Washington: Climate change could push the cost of US allergies and asthma beyond the current $32 billion annual price tag, conservation and health groups reported on Wednesday.