K N Narayana Pillai, 75, is an ordinary citizen who has been suffering because of pollution from an industrial unit operating beside his house. He has been running from pillar to post for justice for the past two years but to no avail. He also wrote to An

A possible way of countering the virulence of a fungus

Skin diseases and stomach ailments afflict most of the people living around a tannery area in Kanpur one of the fallout of the failure of the Ganga Action Plan initiated eight years ago

Here is yet another reason why women should not smoke. A recently-published study says that smoking causes wrinkles by upsetting the body's mechanism for renewing the skin cells. Normally, the skin

Even untreated sewage water in Norway is cleaner than the water flowing in the Ganga

the health of hundreds of women who live off the Pulicat Lake, a bird sanctuary on Chennai's northern outskirts, have been severely affected due to pollution of the lake by industrial and

People taking the drug Ecstasy may have side effects in the form of a rash that looks like acne, said a German dermatologist. Uwe Wollina of the University of Jena in Germany first noticed the

Sunscreens do not help prevent skin cancer. This startling revelation came recently at a science conference in Philadelphia, USA, where the widely-held belief that sunscreens lower the risk of deadly

Licking promotes wound healing, say Nigel Benjamin and his colleagues of Clinical Pharmacology Department at the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, UK. Saliva contains

A dip in the Ganga was meant to purify both body and soul. But devotees in Bihar have had a bad experience