Industries spew poison unchecked in Chhattisgarh

Industries spew poison unchecked in Chhattisgarh

Forget health impacts, tiny particles floating in the air are altering regional climates and affecting monsoon patterns and agricultural yield. These particles could be emanating from diesel and industrial emissions, biomass burning for cooking, forest fi

The threats from aerosols are all pervading

Aerosol research is still in its infancy. Further studies will reveal the definitive long term impact of these tiny particles

Damodar river is in deep water. Rampant mining in the North Karanpura coalfield spread over Hazari

Addition of antioxidants such as vita

Scientists in Sweden are propagating laterite treatment for the removal of arsenic from groundwater in the Bengal Delta plains

It may now be possible to transplant hair from one person to the other

NEXT TIME you liberally smear suntan lotion on your body and linger too long in the sun, beware: Sunscreens are not sunproof, say scientists. According to US epidemiologists Cedric and Frank