Researchers from Brazil have just reported that skin flakes in the hair of children with dandruff provide a comfortable refuge for house-dust mites, which trigger allergic responses that can cause

new research on an ancient Chinese treatment for skin disorders and other maladies, has brought to light the fact that the traditional remedy can actually deal more effectively with virulent forms

Exposure to sunlight for even the shortest possible duration is now being seen as the worst enemy of those wishing to flaunt a fair and lovely skin. A new but controversial chemical is being hailed as a saviour for those who want that bask in the sun, b

Workers exposed to hazardous chemicals at work often use protective clothing to prevent skin contamination. But they still run the risk of exposure (Spectrum, September- October,

Indian textiles using toxic dyes will be banned in Germany from July 1. Indian exporters, already struggling to adjust to 'environment friendly' production norms of the West, will have to juggle

If one lacks an important protein, and this is manifest as a disease, Elizabeth Fenjves and her colleagues at the State University of New York, in Stony Brook, suggest a cure -- inserting the

INDIAN women, watch out! Think twice before you place that innocent-looking, stick-on vermillion dot on your forehead. Or, before you slip your plastic purse into your blouse. At least that's

The ozone layer over India is in place, though there is a trend towards depletion, say meteorologists

phosphorous pentoxide: Severe eye and skin injury and chemical burns to the respiratory track, if inhaled

aromatic alcohol (also known as phenol): It's a poisonous chemical that is corrosive in nature and readily seeps through the skin and causes burns

vinyl alcohol and magnesium hydroxide: Cause eye irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea

Delayed aid: Sri Lanka's tsunami reconstruction work has been delayed by three months due to non-payment of foreign aid. The government announced on February 7, 2005 that donors had finally approved