Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed every year across the mountains of central Asia, threatening the already endangered big cat, according to a new report. There are as few as 4,000 of the solitary and elusive cat remaining and numbers have fallen by a fifth in the last 16 years.

KUFRI (HP): The breeding of the highly-endangered snow leopard in the Himalayan Nature Park in the picturesque Himachal Pradesh resort of Kufri is set to begin with zoo authorities in Darjeeling ag

Darchula police on Sunday made public two people who were arrested earlier on the charge of wildlife poaching.

Among wild cats, clouded leopards are increasingly coveted—and bred in captivity—for commercial purposes, according to a new study from University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

More alert has been sounded for the Sunderbans tiger on the climate front.

Urgent international action must be taken in the face of climate change to save the snow leopard and conserve its fragile mountain habitats that provide water to hundreds of millions of people across Asia, according to a new WWF report.

DEHRADUN: Thanks to camera trap imagery, Uttarakhand has been able to capture images of snow leopards in the higher reaches of Nanda Devi Biosphere, Gangotri National Park and, recently, in Baghesh

DEHRADUN: In a first-time initiative, the Uttarakhand forest department is embarking on an ambitious project to estimate the population of the elusive snow leopard that inhabits the higher reaches

Britain will provide new funding to a global crackdown on the trade in rhino horn, elephant ivory and other illegal wildlife products.

Indian minister is not attending the first international meeting for the conservation of snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan despite the need for greater conservation efforts to protect its leopard populat