The Ministry of Power (MoP) has released a report titled- National Energy Data: Survey and Analysis 2021-22. The report has been prepared by MoP through Bureau of Energy Efficiency in collaboration with NITI Aayog, various line ministries and departments, institutions, and other stakeholders.

The State Food Safety Index (SFSI) is an annual evaluation published by FSSAI, designed to encourage states and union territories to improve their performance and establish strong food safety systems within their jurisdictions. This comprehensive index assesses various aspects of food safety across six categories.

This publication “All India Electricity Statistics- General Review 2023” contains countrywide statistics relating to generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity by different sectors/categories for the FY 2021-22.

The World health statistics report is the annual compilation of health and health-related indicators which has been published by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2005.

The share of crops in the gross value of output of agriculture and allied sectors has declined by 7.5 percentage points in the last 10 years, while livestock’s share has increased by 5 percentage points during the same period, shows this report released by the National Statistical Office (NSO).

'Agricultural Statistics at a Glance' is a flagship publication of the Economics & Statist ics Division of the Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.

India has overtaken China as the world’s most populous country, according to this UN population estimates, the most significant shift in global demographics since records began.

The report on State Energy Efficiency Index (SEEI) 2021-22 has been released during the review, planning and monitoring meeting of states and state utilities.

Environment statistics cover a wide range of topics, including air and water quality, waste generation and disposal, biodiversity and land use, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption.

The 17th edition of Annual Publication “National Health Profile – 2022” provides useful and relevant information on six important broad indicators concerning Health Sector.