As vast amount of oil is spilt into the ocean, threatening sensitive marine and coastal biology, operation clean up has turned out to be a large industry

Ayurvedic massage can reduce body s toxin levels by 58 per cent

Even as UNEP calls for an international treaty on mercury pollution, India and other developing countries are oblivious to the dangers of being at the import-end of the chain

Small-scale industries: Where regulations are meaningless and pollution control an unaffordable luxury. Can they leapfrog to cost-effective technologies and find shelter in policies that provide reservation in pollution-free sectors?

Resource crunch and poor regulatory processes have made small-scale industries the pariahs of India"s environment

Government proposes. Industry disposes. Programmes for cleaning up have very largely gone by the wayside

A green agenda based on the paradigm of pollution prevention can rescue the small scale industry

CNG dispensing company rapped for taking Supreme Court for a ride

See Score Card Raw material sourcing phase To rate the companies on the raw material sourcing phase, grp used the following indicators: the quality of input salt, transportation of salt,

Pondicherry-based Chemfab Alkalis Ltd (cal) has been rated as the greenest caustic-chlorine company in India. With an overall score of 46.7 per cent, it has been given the Three Leaves Award. Set