Ensuring food security for the future billions will tax the environment dearly. Already, one billion ha of arable land in the developing world is moderately to severely degraded, and another nine

Reduction of poverty remains one of the foremost global challenges. An estimated 1.3 billion persons in the developing world will live in. absolute poverty by the turn of the century. While the

No one disagrees that biodiversity is under increasing threat from "development" Habitat loss accounts for 76 per cent of the pressure on mammal and 60 per cent of the pressure on bird

Everyday, some 40,000 people die from hunger-related causes. In the 47 'least developed' countries, 10 per cent of the world's population subsists on less than 0.5 per cent of world's income.

Contrary to the predictions, starting from the '50s, till the '80s, the world has not seen largescale and persistent shortage of minerals essential for industrial economies, despite prodigious

Women have always had it bad...patriarchy has ensured that down the generations. A look at women in the various spheres of life, in education, workplaces, health status and in power show that men are

The area under forest cover in India has been a subject of controversy and intense debate between the Forest Department anf the environmental groups and researchers. As more and more remote sensing

WILDLIFE conservation has made commendable progress in India. We now have a network of over 500 Protected Areas (PAS), a Wildlife Protection Act, an exclusive Wildlife Wing within the Forest

Farmers in the developing world are in for tough times ahead. A 1994 Food and Agricultural Organization publication titled Medium- Term Prospects for Agricultural Commodities warns that the rate of

Going by the statistics provided by this year's International Labour Organisation report on world employment, "modernise or perish" has become the mantra of progress for developing nations. This is