A research team looking into the economic value of resources in the Mae Yom National Park in Phrae concluded that the Kaeng Sua Ten dam, that was planned for the area, is not worth building.

villagers in Thailand have threatened to seal the forests in Kanchanaburi if the government did not stop work on the Thai-Burmese gas pipeline. They had

A problem of mammoth proportions has besotted the Thai capital as well as Phuket, Pattaya and Chiangmai. Nearly 100 elephants from the northeastern part of the country have recently been brought to

The much-hyped project to export natural gas from Burma's Yadana field to Thailand is under fire from Thai environmen

A plan to protect the biodiversity of Thailand's forests ignores the needs of forest dwellers

The government's policy of screening long staying foreigners for AIDS is an attempt to find a scapegoat for a national health problem

AIDS has reached crisis point in Thailand, prompting the government to increase its HIV-prevention budget by L5 million. An NGO study predicts that by 2000, 2.4 million Thais -- out of 53 million --

The tasty, popular coconut species of Thailand, kati, could not be produced in large scale because it is infertile. But scientists have now found a way to overcome its sterility