Criminal syndicates are currently generating an estimated $258 billion from illegal plunder of the planet's natural capital, says a joint UNEP-Interpol report launched on Saturday ahead of the Worl

China has released an ambitious plan to make 90 per cent of its polluted agricultural land “safely usable” within four years, as it addresses a longtime problem that affects food security and publi

Carambolim: A mass mortality of fish in Carambolim lake is raising a stink and along with it the suspicion that the health of the world famous birding spot may be deteriorating.

For cattle in the Serbian village of Slatina, drinking from the Borska Reka river is likely to prove deadly.

Environment degradation is affecting Katanga’s ecosystem, a Southern Province of Democratic Republic of Congo, experts say.

In a sweeping synthesis of global data, the United Nations Environment Programme has intensively catalogued environmental assaults across the six different major regions of the globe.

Kannur: In the backdrop of the recurring incidents of the carcasses of dolphins and turtles getting washed ashore in different places in the state, a special team from Central Pollution Control Boa

Illegal factories process 95% of all e-waste and are flouting safety norms; they are also taking business away from licensed recyclers ohammed Sabir spent his childhood learning to dismantle broken

Biodegradable plastics are the new buzzword.

Vietnam on Thursday banned the sale and distribution of non-living aquatic products in its central region, following inconclusive efforts to explain why huge numbers of dead fish washed ashore.