The meeting of the National Ganga River Valley Authority (NGRVA) presided over by the Prime Minister in Delhi which was held in October 2009 did not result in any discussion or decision being made regarding the hydro-electricity projects in the Bhagirathi valley which have been in limbo since being stopped by the Government due to strong protest.

Noted human rights crusader Avdhash Kaushal has threatened to return the Padma Shri he had received for environment protection in 1986 if the Central and State governments do not immediately order resumption of construction work for the 480-MW Pala Maneri, 381-MW Bhairav Ghati and 600-MW Lohari Nagpala hydel projects in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.

THE protection of forests and rivers is at the heart of protecting the ecology of the Himalayas. But any long-term, sustainable effort must include the concerns of people living near forests and rivers.

DEHRA DUN: A man axed a leopard in a bid to save his wife from the jaws of the feline that entered their kitchen in Kumrada village of Uttarkashi district around 6 a.m. on Friday.

Construction Debris Chokes Glacial River
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Nainital: What price electricity? Alaknanda, the majestic glacial river from the high Himalayas that gives Bhagirathi its immense volume and turns it into the Ganga, is drying up in large swathes (from six to 26 km) even before it meets the Bhagirathi at Devprayag, raising deep concerns about the future of India

Loharinag Pala power project resumes after it was suspended THE Uttarakhand high court has ordered construction work be resumed at the Loharinag Pala hydroelectric project on the Bhagirathi in Uttarkashi. The order came after environmentalist G D Agarwal succeeded in stalling the 600 megawatt project by going on an indefinite fast. He ended his hunger strike, lasting 37 days, after the

A study on land degradation in the upper catchment of river Tons, a tributary of Yamuna river, in Uttarkashi district of the Uttarakhand state, was carried out using on-screen visual interpretation of IRS LISS-III + PAN merged data. The study area, which is largely mountainous, includes Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park.

Five weeks after Dr GD Agrawal went on a fast unto death, the Union government agreed to temporarily stop construction of the Loharinag-Pala hydroelectric project. The project is a mere 25 km from the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, which is from where the Bhagirathi-Ganga originates.

Making their voices heard Women pradhans at the event and (right) dancing to a local tune

Unfulfilled promises; villagers hanging loose On July 24 this year, a school block near the Loharinag Pala hydroelectric project in Sunagarh, Uttarkashi district, gave away as the rocks under it had become unstable. The subsequent landslide kept the highway blocked for the next three days.