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This is the final report on the sewerage master plan for Delhi 2031 (SMP 2031) released by Delhi Jal Board in collaboration with AECOM-WAPCOS team. Says that SMP 2031 shall ensure extension of sewerage facilities in the unplanned areas by integrating with existing network and sewerage infrastructure.

ISO 37120 establishes definitions and methodologies for a set of city indicators to steer and measure delivery of city services and quality of life.

Water quality on earth is depleted due to over increasing human development activities that over exploits and affect the quality and quantity of the water resources. The rapid urbanization has resulted in pollution of fresh water bodies due to increase generation of domestic waste, sewage, industrial waste etc. This study investigated the effectiveness and feasibility for Horizontal surface flow constructed wetland/Root Zone Unit which was constructed by Environmental Planning & coordination organization (EPCO) at Ekant Park, Bhopal.

Industrialisation and urban growth in the Agra-Mathura region has endangered the world famous Taj Mahal and other historical monuments which are under constant threat from the ever increasing environmental pollution.

The present investigation entitled ‘Chemical contamination of water due to household laundry detergents was conducted to study the chemical contribution of laundry detergents to waste water. Six most commonly used laundry detergents, 4 powder and 2 liquid detergents were selected to study the chemical input of each to waste water stream from home laundry. Chemical analysis of wash water and detergent solution was done to analyse pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), chloride, sulphate, carbonate and bicarbonate alkalinity.

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