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four villages affected by pollution emanating from the Hindustan Zinc Limited ( hzl ) in Gujuwaka in Visakhapatnam, will be shifted to a safer place if the government implements the

According to the International Centre for Application of Solar Energy (CASE), the most economical energy system to meet rural energy needs is hybrid energy consisting of solar power, wind power and

According to Canadian researchers, flooded wetlands emit greenhouse gases in large quantities. Worse, their studies have confirmed that the creation of reservoirs in wetlands unleash poisons into the

Recently, owing to contamination from the textile dye waste generated by factories that are situated along the Kelani river, the water supply to the city of Colombo got seriously disrupted.

A recent WHO meeting brought together experts from Bangladesh and India to develop a common plan of action to arrest arsenic poisoning in both countries

A wastewater treatment system promises to rid Indian cities of disease and pollution

the accident-prone nuclear industry of Japan received yet another jolt when a fire and explosion hit a nuclear-waste reprocessing plant resulting in a low-level radiation leak. Inadequate action by

After months of political wrangling, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (AP) are heading for a major legal showdown to assert their rights on Alamatti dam. Both have filed separate lawsuits in the Supreme

a novel method of managing food waste from school meals has not only generated economic and environmental dividends, but also established a kinship between urban and rural people. The food waste is

It was a victory for environmentalists when the European Court in Brussels recently ruled that the European Community (EC) should not have refused the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) access to