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Researchers are developing smart shock absorbers that would smooth out bumps experienced by moving vehicles. Bayer, a chemicals company in Leverkusen, Germany, has developed an electro-rheological

About 30 per cent of all deaths in a Kerala village are caused by cancer. Residents say that pollution from a nearby rayon factory owned by the Birlas has been spreading poison in the region

A medical survey conducted by doctors from Kozhikode Medical College in 1981 in Vazhakkad panchayat found that 23 per cent of the men and 21 per cent of the women were suffering from respiratory

Grasim Industries started the plant at Mavoor following an agreement in 1958 between Kerala government and the Birlas. The factory became operational in 1963. Following the expansion of factory

the uk government has agreed to phase out the dumping of toxic waste at sea. Michael Meacher, the environment minister said that the uk would give up an "opt-out clause' from an

If neutrinos have mass, one of the biggest mysteries of cosmology may be solved

Nearly 2,500 ha of forests have been devastated following fires in Lampung in the last two months. Last year, fires destroyed nearly 1,439 ha of forest's area, which accounted for about 13.92 per

Torrential rains have caused destruction in many cities in Pakistan's central Punjab province, claiming 61 lives and rendering nearly 15,000 homeless. Nearly 1,000 houses have collapsed and about

according to a study by the Environmental Working Group in the us, drinking water of about 4.3 million Americans during the last year had concentrations of pesticides exceeding the new

A genetically engineered lamb with human genes may help produce human organs