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There is something surprising about the way our brain organises the components of language. Kathleen Baynes, cognitive neurologist at the University of California, Davis, USA, and her colleagues

THE British government have planned to press for a complete ban on the dumping of steel oil installations in the sea. The proposal will come during meeting of environment ministers in Sintra,

Standard Fruit Company, Costa Rica's biggest banana producer, has made history by becoming the first food-growing company in the world to receive the "green seal" of the prestigious International

Twenty-eight imams of Calcutta recently refused to appear before the high court for the third consecutive time in the case against use of microphones during the call for prayers. The issue is already

The US Trade Representative (USTR) has filed a formal notice of appeal of a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling that held the US import restrictions on shrimp as inconsistent with the country's WTO

Industries will have to pay a higher tax on water

FLUSHING excreta is not ecologically viable, says Uno Winblad, coordinator of a Rs 2.5-crore international research and development project "Sanres" (Sanitation and Recycle) which is funded by the

Contrary to the government s claims, British rivers are not safe. Many contain amazing concoctions of toxic compounds

if two types of bacteria that cannot

About 170 people have been killed due to starvation and epidemics in a remote region of Nepal bordering China. According to reports, people are dying every day in the district of Humla. Most of the