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"The Raindrop" is about a village near Chandigarh in Haryana. The book tells the story how this village was able to transform itself from a drought prone one to a food exporting one through community efforts and scientific watershed management.

Despite a prolific output, Indian science researchers are rarely cited in foreign journals. The reasons: poor quality work on subjects far removed from the mainstream, says a recent report

Policemen are trying to import software which will bring order to the chaos that is traffic in the Capital

Funds, always a sticky subject, was an area of considerable debate at UNCED. What emerged was a weak compromise which left northern purses relatively untapped

In 1993, Newfoundland will see an international conference on fish stocks as a result of a dispute between Canada and Japan and the EC

THE SUB-CONTINENT, judging by these three reports, went prepared to Rio. In fact, the first report, prepared by a Sri Lankan NGO, chides UNCED for trying to save the earth without even consulting

The newly-formed combined committee on wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs faces a big challenge from heavy encroachments and popular opposition

A worldwide initiative to save the ancient city is trying to lower the water table around it and bind back the Indus before it gets washed away

IT is two years since western governments, in a fit of enthusiasm for green issues, proposed a US $1.5 billion "pilot project" to find ways to protect the world's rainforests. Meeting in

THE misery caused by this year"s drought was unnecessary. Typical of India"s weather, rainfall in several parts dipped below the normal last year but these fluctuations were small. Yet we failed to