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Vachati village, where the residents openly defy the authorities, has acquired a reputation for collective smuggling.

Recycling water and chemicals has resulted in drastic reduction of effluents from Surat's textile units.

The issue of sharing West Asia's water resources threatens to explode into another Arab Israeli war, which will shatter the semblance of peace settling over the region.

While the cultivation of paddy in Punjab (and Haryana) does need some curbing, the extreme forebodings of either total groundwater exhaustion in Punjab or of the state turning into a desert of paddy growing is not curbed forthwith are unwarranted.

Unless better management strategies are evolved, water scarcity in the country will only be accentuated by growing industrial and municipal demands.

POLITICIAN, economist and teacher all rolled into one Johannes Pieter Pronk, better known as Jan Pronk, is in his second term as Netherlands minister for development cooperation. He has held the position of deputy secretary general of UNCTAD and has bee

If the mid-August assault on some officials of the Bihar water resources department, on an inspection tour of the eastern Kosi embankment in Saharsa, is anything to go by, flood control officials in

MADHAV Chitale, former secretary in the ministry of water resources, is a recipient of The Stockholm Water Award, given by the Stockholm Water Foundation for outstanding work in the area of water management. Currently secretary general of the Internationa

Cheap hydroelectric power in the Himalayan region will not be forthcoming in the near future, going by the proceedings OF a seminar hold recently in Nepal.

"The Raindrop" is about a village near Chandigarh in Haryana. The book tells the story how this village was able to transform itself from a drought prone one to a food exporting one through community efforts and scientific watershed management.