Sal borer has affected 3 million trees. Experts warn of an epidemic

reeling under a total halt to its timber trade after the Supreme Court imposed a ban on all timber-related activities in the Northeast five years ago, the state government of Assam has

tipwood a substitute for wood has been developed for use in the construction industry. Tipwood maintains the aesthetic nature of wood but scores over the latter as it is termite-proof,

The dense foliage around the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is fast disappearing

In a bid to end illegal import of wood, customs and forest officials in Thailand will work together to monitor log movements. They will supervise import and transport of logs and will identify

Smart trees will produce more wood. Faster

eighteen environmentalists have been arrested in Vancouver, Canada, for opposing the logging of some of the remaining pristine rainforest valleys in the Great Bear Rainforests. The uk is

Wood can now be produced from waste. The UK's Save Wood Products Limited has come up with a product called durawood that combines the properties of wood and plastic. Derived from recycled polystyrene

Phenols are a group of toxic compounds that impart bad odour and taste to water. Acc

The stubborn juliflora, which grows mostly in drylands and wastelands, is now invading arable areas. One still speculates about the repercussions